Fallout 4 – Item Duplication Glitch / Exploit & Unlimited Attribute Points – Duplicate Anything

Fallout Shelter Exploit

Fallout Shelter Exploit

Lunch Boxes with Bottle Caps Generator

This Fallout 4 Duplication Glitch / Exploit lets you duplicate ANYTHING you can drop from your inventory. And it lets you get unlimited attribute points to max out all your special skills (strength, perception etc.) by duping the “You’re Special!” Magazine.

So essentially this gives you unlimited everything. Infinite weapons, ammo, mini nukes, fusion cores, attribute points, junk items, and even money when you resell all this stuff.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Drop the item you want to duplicate from your inventory (so it’s sitting on the ground).
Step 2: Command your Dog companion (Dogmeat) to fetch it.
Step 3: Pick it up at the exact same time when he is lowering his head to pick it up.
Step 4: One copy will be placed in your inventory, while dogmeat drops another after 2-3 seconds.

Repeat as many times as you’d like. And don’t forget to max out all your specials with the magazine duplication. Enjoy!
Tested on PS4 with patch 1.01 installed. Also confirmed to work on Xbox One and PC (date: November 13th, 2015). If you want to use this glitch in the future, DO NOT download any new patches.

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All Fallout 4 Trophies and Achievements:

Platinum Trophy
Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy

War Never Changes
Enter The Wasteland

When Freedom Calls
Complete “When Freedom Calls”

Unlikely Valentine
Complete “Unlikely Valentine”

Complete “Reunions”

Dangerous Minds
Complete “Dangerous Minds”

Complete “Hunter/Hunted”

The Molecular Level
Complete “The Molecular Level”

The Nuclear Option
Complete “The Nuclear Option”

Complete “Institutionalized”

Complete “Mankind-Redefined”

Powering Up
Complete “Powering Up”

Nuclear Family
Complete “Nuclear Family”

The First Step
Join the Minutemen

Taking Independence
Complete “Taking Independence”

Old Guns
Complete “Old Guns”

Semper Invicta
Join the Brotherhood of Steel

Blind Betrayal
Complete “Blind Betrayal”

Ad Victoriam
Complete “Ad Victoriam”

Join the Railroad

Underground Undercover
Complete “Underground Undercover”

Rockets’ Red Glare
Complete “Rockets’ Red Glare”

Complete “Sanctuary”

Community Organizer
Ally with 3 Settlements

Benevolent Leader
Reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement

Complete 10 Side Quests

Complete 50 Misc. Objectives

Gather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting

What’s Yours Is Mine
Pick 50 Locks

RobCo’s Worst Nightmare
Hack 50 Terminals

Armed and Dangerous
Create 50 Weapon Mods

Wasteland D.I.Y.
Craft 100 Items

Never Go It Alone
Recruit 5 Separate Companions

Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion

Build 100 Workshop Items

Future Retro
Play a Holotape Game

…The Harder They Fall
Kill 5 Giant Creatures

Ranger Corps
Discover 100 Locations

Print’s Not Dead
Read 20 Magazines

Prankster’s Return
Placed A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing

Kill 300 People

Animal Control
Kill 300 Creatures

Get a Homerun

Get a Touchdown

They’re Not Dolls…
Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

…They’re Action Figures
Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

Born Survivor
Reach Level 5

Commonwealth Citizen
Reach Level 10

Unstoppable Wanderer
Reach Level 25

Legend Of The Wastes
Reach Level 50

Prepared for the Future
Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth
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I was fighting some super mutants and came across a spot where you can lock-pick over and over again to earn unlimited experience!! Remember that a lot of the enjoyment of the Fallout experience is the natural progression of your character through playing the game. So only use the exploit with that in mind just so it doesn’t deprave you a portion of the fun of leveling up. That being said, if you just want some fast experience and free levels, I hope you enjoy using this exploit!!! Good luck in the wasteland Vault Dweller… May your loot be epic!! Feel free to follow if you are interested in videos about video games, and gaming things in general. 😀 — Watch live at falloutshelterscheats.com/www.twitch.tv/realbearjew

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